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Senate Bill 1867 represents the complete eviceration of due process of law---Habeus corpus, access to counsel, indefinite detention even after acquittal, arrest without charge, imprisonment without cause, all of what caused the English barrons to draft the larval form of our constitution today, the charter of liberties in approximately. 1050 AD.

Have we, in the "Land of the Free" been blasted back to the 9th century, having to fight for our human rights with our own "representatives"? 

Mark Begich and Lisa Murkowski don't represent me.  They don't represent anyone I know.  In fact, I think they have forgotten who they are, where they come from, or much of anything else.  I believe, truly, that they have lost their minds.  Only insanity should excuse such vile betrayal of Alaskans and of everything that America is supposed to stand for.

They have committed treason.  They must be brought to trial.  Quickly, before it gets any worse.

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I agree with you MS Anna, that we patriots must fight this tyranny. The problem is that most including myself just don't have the skills to write a petition to the court like you did. 
I would love to do this in Tennessee but I need your help to write it correctly. I would gladly pay a fee which you could use to help prosecute your own case, a donation. I know you are
bringing the case because you are a
Patriot and love this country and not in it for profit. I also know it takes money to do it. 
If I could use yours as a template would you proof it for me before I file it?
Also, the petitions to the Governor and others in state government, may I also use those as a template?
Please reply to my mail box:
Gary Winbush
Tennessee Chief Deputy Sheriff/Retired and proud Oathkeeper

Yours in Liberty

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