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Do you know where your Governor is?  He needs someone to watch over him.  Closely.  There's reason to think that he isn't firing on all four cylinders.

He is advancing the idea that we can "just trust" the oil companies to reinvest here if we give them a big tax break.   Sure, they'll marry us, if we get pregnant. 

The problem with Parnell's attitude on the oil tax is that it isn't business-like at all.  He shows no respect for The Prudent Man Standard.   Prudent men don't make business deals based on hope.  They make business deals based on facts.

A typical oil contract in the Mideast has the oil companies netting a whole two dollar per barrel profit.  They make a $19-26 profit per barrel here, and they still aren't motivated.  Go figure.   In the Mideast they work under constant threat and danger, have to hire nasty mercenary security companies and pay up the Swanee River for the service.  Here, the worst they have to worry about is an occasional moose stomping.  There, they face possible nationalization of every stick of infrastructure they build.  Here, their investments are safe. 

They should, if anything ever made sense, already be wildly motivated to develop Alaskan resources, but they aren't.   Why not?   Is it a matter of money?  No.  It's a matter of Public Policy.   Alaska is in the cross-hairs of  the Federal Natural Resources Strategic Plan, and that policy in a nutshell is to not develop American resources.   Washington wants us to buy up the resources of the rest of the world and sit on our own, waiting  for a rainy day.  This has been their policy since Teddy Roosevelt hatched this plan in the early 1900's and it has become so entrenched and the political leadership  is now so corrupt and invested in this policy that nobody inside the Beltway can recognize a Monsoon.  

The only way the Natural Resources Strategic Plan will get changed is if:  (1) every member of Congress, including the 70 declared Communists,  are ousted and their replacements are of a totally new breed; or  (2) a foreign power levels the District of Columbia, forcing us to start over again.

In the opinion of this Alaskan, giving the oil companies a tax break just rewards them for not producing more oil.  Another way to put that is that it rewards them for purposefully restricting the supply of oil and price gouging consumers.  They will take the money if we give it to them, and they aren't willing to give us anything for certain in return, so we have nothing to gain and a billion dollars to lose.

Put that way, why is Parnell still talking? 

Even scarier, this is the man representing us and our interests  in the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations.   Think about that next time you vote.  Sometimes being "a nice man" isn't the best attribute in a political candidate.  Your future and your resources are being opened up to international trade negotiations and the man representing you against some of the most cutthroat deal-makers on earth, is Sean Parnell.

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