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Health Fighter Presents Case Against Fluoride Poison Added To MOA Water Supply

Minutes attached below.

"Mr. Agre [appearing before AWWU Board] summarized some of the points in the article, saying fluoride is not an essential nutrient, and no disease has ever been linked to fluoride deficiency. Most Western European countries are not fluoridated, yet have experienced the same decline in dental caries as the United States."

"Fluoride studies show many adverse health affects. The chemicals used to fluoridate water in the United States of America are not pharmaceutical grade, but rather are extracted from waste products of the phosphate fertilizer industry. These chemicals are sodium fluorosilicate and fluorosilicic acid, which are classified as hazardous waste and are contaminated with various impurities including arsenic."
Demand that Alaska government, such as the Municipality of Anchorage through AWWU, stop poisoning our water with fluoride!

Municipality of Anchorage:
Mayor Sullivan
(907) 343-7100

Anchorage Assembly:
Municipal Clerk
Fax: 907-343-4313
All Assemblymembers:

State of Alaska:
Sean Parnell, Governor

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