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Ever wonder where all the money is and where it goes?  A BIG chunk of it, nearly 50%, is being looted and often mismanaged by political appointees in the federal, state, and local units of government. 

Several years ago I became aware of a man named Walter Burien.  He was a former commodity analyst of some kind and he was out in the desert (literally, Arizona) shouting about taxes and public accounting reforms.  I nodded.  I listened.  I'm not an accountant.  I didn't get it the first time around.  Then I heard him again, in a question and answer session. 

That's when the link began.  Oh, I said, I now understand.  The government doesn't report its income from fees, investments, enterprise projects, leases, etc.   All the government ever talks about or lets us comment on is the "budgeted" amount of money the politicians actually play with. The rest is rat-holed away in sub-funds and investment accounts, controlled by political appointees, where it never sees the light of public day, never gets reviewed by the legislature, and never gets critiqued by The People.  Oh.  Well, isn't this just a nice, fat, recipe for corruption?

Another couple years went by.  Walter kept banging his dish on the floor.  More people, mainly lawyers, accountants, and former commodity stock analysts began chanting in the background.  Walter was no longer alone, and he was learning to speak English.  (Before, when I first started listening to him, he spoke nothing but stock broker jargon and I caught every fifth word.) His determination to share his message was enormous, awesome, and paying off.

Around the nucleus of professionals he had built, a tiny group of journalists began to form, and with them, a slightly larger group of tax analysts, government employees, and patriots of various stripes and from both ends of the political spectrum.  I kept checking back, kept listening.  Walter was saying some amazing things, like--hey, the government has enough money coming in from its investments alone to pay for its operations.  There's no reason for anyone to keep paying any kind of taxes.

Think of the government---the "collective government" is the term Walter uses, meaning all levels and units of government from the federales down to the local dog catcher----and now, realize that they have been operating on two sets of books, just like Al Capone, since 1946. And they have been hiding most of their money, just like Al.

Walter and friends produced a movie called The Biggest Game In Town and here, posted below, are the links where you can watch it or read the transcript.  When you are done soaking it in, lean back, heave a deep sigh, and begin the process----bottom up and top down----to force reform.

I started off to write a review of the film, instead, let this serve as an introduction.

Transcript link - 

The video link -

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