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The Missing Link

by Anna von Reitz

There is a reason that our government is failing and our Constitution is ignored.  There's a missing link.  It's called the state government in each one of the 50 States.
The Constitution is a contract. In the 1824 edition of Webster's Dictionary, the word "federal" was a synonym for "contract".  The "federal government" is a "contract government". 

The 50 States are parties to the contract.  Individuals are only parties to it under subrogation meaning that we are one tier down from being active parties to the contract, with our interests being (supposedly) represented by our State government. 

Like any other contract, the parties to it are responsible for its enforcement, but since 1933, the States have slacked off their responsibility.  Once the federal government got into our pockets with the Income Tax and the Federal Reserve schemes, the States took back seats and the Governors started sucking up to the federal officials for favors and federal money. 

They have allowed the members of Congress to "rule by presumption" for the better part of eight decades now, during which time the Constitution has been given lip-service, but seldom been honored by anyone in government.

A contract that is not enforced is subject to being breached.  During our lifetimes we have seen the Constitution breached and breached and breached.

So what do we do?   Politely ask thieves to honor our property rights with endless petitions that are ignored?  Chase our tails trying to get this person out of office and that person into office, thinking that will change anything? 

Petitions are a waste of time and seeking to change things via elections is nearly as useless, especially as we are now ruled by Diebold machines.

There remains one effective and efficient means to regain control of our government: the 50 States and their governors have to be prodded into action.  How, you say?  The Governors are as bad as the rest of the politicians, so what help are they?

The Governors bear a fiduciary responsibility to you and me that the federal officials do not.  When our property interests, represented by our rights, freedoms, and immunities, are trashed by Congress, the State is under legal obligation to stand in our stead and enforce the terms of the Constitution.  If the Governors don't do their job and fail in this fiduciary responsibility, they can be sued, criminally charged, and put out of office.

Let's say that the Governors are subject to becoming highly motivated, and it is time to motivate them to enforce the terms of the Constitution.

In Alaska, the process has already been engaged.  Governor Sean Parnell, Lieutenant Governor Mead Treadwell, and the Alaska Attorney General John J. Burns, have been served Notice of Dereliction of Duty and Demand to Show Cause.  If they don't respond, they will receive Notice of Willful Failure to Perform.  If they still don't get moving, they will be served Notice of Breach of Contract.  If they continue, they will receive Notice of Full Estoppel and Denial of Authority to Act.  Once those four Notices are cured by Due Process, they will be ripe to stand as evidence supporting a Motion for Summary Judgement in US District Court.  That Summary Judgement will require removal of these men from office and the end of the commission of "The State of Alaska" as it now exists. 

The state government and state officials also become liable for material damages.  It is, after all, a fiduciary trust they are willfully ignoring.

The Governors so attacked by The People for non-performance are between a rock and a hard place.  They do their job and enforce the terms of The Constitution of the United States of America in behalf of the Inhabitants of their State, or they lose their job and become subject to liability for their inaction, up to and including being sued and serving jail time. 

So, for all those who are weary of seeing their rights disrespected and infringed, their money going to support causes they don't believe in, their lives circumscribed by an out of control government----take heart.  You have a cheap and simple means of goading your State officials into action in your behalf, and engaging the considerable resources of state government to enforce the terms of the Constitution.  You can reconnect the Missing Link and make American government functional again. 

Please share this insight and information with as many other Americans in other States as possible.  Get the Governors moving! 

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