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The Great USA Fraud


1868:  The 14th Amendment creates two kinds of citizenship, one for blacks (US citizenship) and one for whites (Natural born Citizenship).  Black people are made wards of the state at the federal level.  They have no “Natural rights”, only “civil rights” conferred by the government. 


1901:  The US Supreme Court in Downes v. Bidwell ruled that the Federal government (DC) had the right to rule the Territories however it saw fit, and that the citizens of the Territories had no rights under the Constitution.  This was later expanded upon in Hooven & Allison Company v.Evatt, where the Justices asserted the Federal government’s right to rule over anyone in “Federal jurisdiction”.  


1933:  FDR contrives to make everyone “US citizens” under Federal jurisdiction, and therefore not protected by The Constitution. He does this by instituting Birth Certificates (claiming you are a “US citizen”) and Social Security.


This is how the Federal government contrived to assert despotic rule over the American People.  Every time you have unthinkingly claimed to be a “US citizen” you were claiming second class citizenship status and making yourself a slave indebted to the Federal government, subject to its every whim.


It’s fraud on the face of it.  You are a Natural born Citizen of one of the 50 States, tricked into “claiming” US citizenship.  There was no “full disclosure” involved.


How do you reassert your true citizenship status and how do we do away with the evil of two classes of citizenship?   Join the Republic for the united States of America.   This is the fastest way for Americans to reassert their Natural born status and secure their personal protection under The Constitution. 


Alaskans contact:  Other states go to the Republic website and find your state contacts. 

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