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Writ of Habeas Corpus Filed in Reponse to National Defense Authorization Act

A Writ of Habeas Corpus has been filed with the Alaska Supreme Court seeking an injunction against the National Defense Authorization Act which was rammed through Congress in less than a week and signed by President Obama yesterday, December 8, 2011.  Mark Begich and Lisa Murkowski are named as Respondents.

This unusual step was taken by Anna von Reitz, of Big Lake, Alaska. 

"The dangers inherent in this Act are so great, so overwhelmingly damaging to individual liberty, and so very much in contradiction with the Bill of Rights and all three versions of the Constitution (for and of) the United States of America----that I felt such action was necessary," said von Reitz, commenting from her home on Friday.

What began as a request from the Obama Administration to the Senate Armed Services Committee quickly ballooned in a bill, S. 1867, which was passed by the US Senate on December 1.  With lightning speed, it also passed the House of Representatives, and was signed into law by President Obama on December 8, the same day von Reitz made public record of her action.

Among other things, the National Defense Authorization Act claims that the government has the right to arrest any American citizen on "suspicion" and to detain them indefinitely without being charged, without access to counsel or the courts, and even if they come to trial and are found "not guilty" by a jury. 

"These are police state claims and actions that have no place in American society.  There is simply no way for us to retain any semblance of our traditional government, if we allow this violation of due process.  These are exactly the rights and prerogatives of government that were claimed by the Nazi and Stalinist regimes, and used to create concentration camps and gulags.  There can be no compromise on this, " said von Reitz.  "Our individual security and liberty are at stake, being threatened by our own out of control government."

In the wake of the signing of this bill the federal government has begun a crackdown on military personnel who have stated that they will not fire on American civilians if ordered to do so.  The Oathkeepers have reported on the situation on the Save America Foundation website, with other reports of similar activity coming in from National Guard units overseas.

The federal government has also sought customer lists from Mormon Church Family Food Storage Centers, as reported on the same Save America Foundation website.  One of the provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act claims that anyone with more than "seven days" of food storage set aside may be a "terrorist". 

"The Constitution (for and of) the United States," says von Reitz, "is a contract like any other contract, between the People and the governments of the 50 States, and the so-called Federal government which was organized to provide specific services in behalf of all the States.  That contract has been severely violated and our elected officials have crossed the line."

"In my opinion, both Lisa Murkowski and Mark Begich, have ignored their Oath of Office and betrayed their constituents," said von Reitz on Friday.   "They should  both be charged and brought to trial by the State of Alaska Attorney General and the US Department of Justice.  In the meantime, we must hope that the Alaska Supreme Court will provide relief from this patently unconstitutional and repugnant Act."

The Writ of Habeas Corpus requests an injunction against the newly passed National Defense Authorization Act and calls for the Alaska Supreme Court to request action from the US Department of Justice  against Alaska's Senators for alleged High Crimes and Misdemeanors including dereliction of duty, violation of Oath of Office, gross negligence, conspiracy against rights, conspiracy to deprive rights, attempted willful deprivation of civil rights, improperly claimed immunity from prosecution, lack of good faith and due diligence under contract, and fomenting insurrection against the Constitution(s) of the United States of America.

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Well put Ann and you are on the right track all senators and congressmen and the govenor are guilt of TREASON by knowing and doing nothing!

Bill s1867 was signed by all three Alaskan political elected tractors it gives the Feds the power to detain anyone indefinitely without trial by accusing you of treason. Look up and read the authority given to those who will call for martial law.

I know.  I filed an even harsher and more down and dirty reply to the Alaska Supreme Court as of December 20, putting them all on the spot for failure to uphold the property interests of the Petitioners.  We will see what comes of it, but the truth is that they are damned if they do and damned if they don't.  It is shameful that the State of Alaska has been silent about these gross infringements----and you will note-----not a single Bar Association lawyer has EVER taken it upon him or herself to hold their feet to the fire.  This has been left to Little Old Ladies.  And that is even more shameful and a better argument for outlawing the Bar Association in America.  Period.

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